The Filing System that changed my LIFE.

OK. So I’m aware that this sounds totally nutso and crazy, but this system changed my LIFE. It keeps me organized and on task when it’s so easy for me to get distracted in my job and my life. It all began with a typical Robert/Livia phone call discussing anything and everything. Robert mentioned a filing system he’d recently read about (probably during one of his Bobst visits) that he found interesting. Honestly, I don’t even remember what the filing system was, but I then took the idea and adapted it to what I thought would be helpful for my life. The system is essentially a hybrid of a planner and a way to keep all my scraps of paper organized.

This doesn't look super exciting, but it IS.
This doesn’t look super exciting, but it IS.

The main idea is that each day gets its own file folder. (Sidenote: the majority of the file folders used for this system were leftover from my days in the office in when I lived in the suburbs of Boston. I remember that Maegan was going to just throw these perfectly good file folders out, so I took them and they remained in the same Stop & Shop reusable bag until I recently cleaned out my entire room so my parents could install hardwood floors. I then rediscovered the folders, put them in the proper place in my office, and then when I needed a bunch of file folders for this system, I pulled them out and put them to use! Hoarding for the win!)

Anyway, back to the system. Each day gets its own file folder. Also, there’s a folder for each month. The label maker became my best friend during this process and I firmly believe that if it weren’t for this beautiful gold with white print label tape, this system may not have come to fruition. Then, any actionable item goes in that day’s file folder. Picking up shoes from the shoe repair shop on the 18th? The pick up stub goes in the 18th’s folder. That way, you remember to pick up the shoes (it once took me months to remember my cowboy boots were at the shoe repair shop) and you have the necessary documentation for the pick up.

File folder #18 in action!
File folder #18 in action!

Also, inside each folder is a piece of paper where I can write reminders/create a to do list for that day. If I wanted to wait until a certain day in my credit card’s billing cycle to book a plane ticket? I can put it on the to do list for that day! (That’s where the system is like a planner of sorts.)

Additionally, I put any and all receipts from that day (or whichever day I decided to clean out my purse/wallet) into that day’s folder. This is one of the main ways this changed my life. I am a recovering receipt hoarder. I get it from my mom, the queen of receipt hoarders. So, I put the receipts in the folder and forget about them until that day rolls around next month. It’s much easier for me to get rid of a receipt when it’s been a month since that purchase. If for some reason, I think I may still need the receipt, I leave it in the folder for another month, or I move it to one of my month-labeled folders.

Anyway, the system keeps me on task, and even if I have a lazy day, it’s much easier to get back on track. That and the paper management make this system a major win for me.

Moving on to books… So, I’m STILL reading Dragonfly in Amber. And, not gonna lie, the main reason that I’m even at 72% is that I’ve been listening to the audiobook when in the car. I think it will be awhile before I pick up the next in the series. I think the snail’s pace I’m reading the books at is primarily because it takes me too long to get engrossed in the world. Can’t risk getting bogged down by another Outlander book until I’ve caught up on my backlog…

So many books, so little time...
So many books, so little time…

Next up on the mini reviews: The Night Circus. It’s about a battle between two young magicians who have been training for the battle since they were young. There is a magical circus as the backdrop and their battles are more who can show off their magical prowess than blood and guts battling. It was just fine. I felt at times that it meandered a bit and maybe I just wasn’t in a fantastical mood when I read the book, but it took a little to long for me to understand where the book was going. Rating: 3 stars


2 thoughts on “The Filing System that changed my LIFE.

  1. kt4ranger June 24, 2015 / 4:49 pm

    Put Lean In on your book list, as I said — I’d like to hear your thoughts. I love that Marie Lu’s book is on your list! Perfect! I am love with your filing system as well, and if I had more of an interesting life, I might utilize it. For me, it’s a little overkill, but I don’t have a family of 5-6 to think of… Also, what’s the midlife crisis at 30 book? I feel like I have that. Not the book, the crisis.


    • liviaip June 24, 2015 / 4:50 pm

      The book is yours! It’s been on my to read list forever.


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