Janice <3 Steve!

Moscow mules were one of the favored drinks of the weekend! Janice and Steve also had the fun option of using Ciroc Pineapple in them! Clearly, Dennis, Robert, and I thought they were delicious. Random favorite moment of the night: When JLee’s sister, Teresa, texted JLee a pic of me and Robert asking if she remembered us. JLee’s response? “Livia! Don’t know white guy.”

I am so glad that Robert scored an invite to the Yu/Rose wedding. It was really fun to be in Aspen again, but this time with friends instead of with the kids. Also, it’s fun to be the knowledgable one, since I feel like Dennis and Robert are usually the ones showing me around NYC.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the layovers of both flights quite a bit. Robert and I had about 2 hours to kill before boarding the flight to Aspen, so he got his shoes shined. The shoe shine lady seemed super grumpy at first, but then she heard Robert and I discussing Di’s denial of the existence of a sexy wedge, and then us cracking up over the fact that Robert thinking a wedge was sexy wasn’t helpful to my cause, since we’re trying to appeal to straight men. By this point, she was obviously amused by us and then joined in on our conversation. Obviously we won her over with our charm and wit. The layover on the way back was also fun because we got some Dennis/Robert/David/Livia time. No notable shoe shine ladies this time, though we did end up getting some delicious TCBY at the food court.

Our super fun group at the welcome dinner! Robert suggested the backdrop for the picture, and as usual, the DIT master was correct.
Robert and I looking like a proper couple on our way up the gondola to the summit for the wedding. At one point Dennis’ cousin, Brian, said something about us being high school sweethearts. Obviously. Brian’s sister, Leanne, had better gaydar. Sidenote: Robert and I took more selfies on the way up the gondola than we probably have in the rest of the previous year combined. It’s kind of an art form.
Yu fam!
The adorable Yu family! (With Gino getting into the frame perfectly.) They all looked super happy and not cold at all! Mama Yu looked great with all her sparkle and fur. It didn’t matter that it was snowing, she wasn’t covering that ensemble up with some old fleece blanket! Photo credit: Robert

The flight home to Houston, however, was a shit show. I was hoping to hop on an earlier flight, but that didn’t happen. Then, my flight was oversold and they were offering $500 vouchers and hotels to those who would take the latest flight or the earliest in the morning. Since the earliest flight in the morning wasn’t going to get in until 9 am, I passed since I wanted to be sure to be home in time to get the kids to school. At least my flight had DirecTV, so I was able to watch the Rockets win Game 4 at home and avoid getting swept by Golden State. And then, of course, the storms and flooding in Houston were crazy over Memorial Day weekend, and as a result, my flight got diverted to San Antonio, where we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours before finally heading home to Houston. I deplaned at 3:15 am (original landing time was supposed to be around 11:15 pm), and then getting back to my car took another 45 minutes, and then getting home to my place in Midtown was a disaster as well. I walked through the door just before 5 am. SIGH. And then after all that, the girls didn’t have to be at school until 11 am the next day. They delayed the start of school due to the flooding! Sigh. Silver lining? At least I wasn’t on the earlier flight that diverted to Austin and then cancelled the Austin to Houston leg of the flight, leaving people to rent cars and make the drive back…

Photo booth
Janice and Steve had super fun cocktail napkins with all sorts of fun sayings on them. This was one of my favorites. My other favorite said “Release the inner fat kid =) ” We also had lots of fun in the photo booth – of course, the classic Colin pose made an appearance.

One of the many books I finished during my blog hiatus was Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance. It was just fine. It’s exactly as the title describes it, though I didn’t take away anything major or earth shattering from the book.

Dragonfly in Amber is slow going at the moment, but I’m up to 54%, thanks in part to the Audible audiobook I downloaded. Something I think is super amazing about the way all that stuff is linked up is that when I start the audiobook (since it’s all synced through Amazon.com), it automatically asks if I want to pick up where I left off reading on my Kindle (and vice versa). I’m getting to a more interesting part of the book now, so I think I’ll be done with it by my next post!


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