Life, lately

Well, the past little while has been quite fun, mostly because Katie just got to town! Whoo! I’ve already spend an inordinate amount of time with her, but I’m totally going to hog as much of her time as I can until VOCES8 arrives. And then, to distract me from Katie’s abandonment, Robert will arrive! This is all very exciting to me.

In other news, I’ve finally caught up with the most amazing podcast ever. Which podcast you ask? Serial? Heck no! It’s the amazing Gilmore Guys! Some people binge watch TV shows – not me. I binge-listened Gilmore Guys, and it was awesome. I particularly love that they play the theme song at the end of every podcast and sing along to it (confession: I sing along with them). They break out into song frequently, my favorite being whenever Chad Michael Mudface* is mentioned, they tend to easily break out into “I Don’t Want To Be,” which is phenomenal and hilarious. They break down Gilmore Girls with an interesting perspective, since they’re two guys talking about a female driven show. It definitely passes the Bechdel test. A great article on the podcast is here. (Please note the cover art. I think that’s when I instinctively knew I’d love the podcast.) Props to Angela, who sent me the article that began my obsession with the podcast.

In book news, I’m only at 32% in Kavalier and Clay. Pathetic, I know. I wish the book was told a bit more linear-ly. I think that would help me get over the hump. I can’t just blame the book, though. I’m also not reading daily at the moment, which is something that definitely got me over the hump in Unbroken much more easily.

In condo-buying news, the loan application is coming along. I know I’ve gotten old because at Dim Sum with the ladies (and two men) today, one of the men, Uncle Chan, started talking interest percentages and PMIs with me and I not only understood what he was saying, it was also interesting. 😦 So yes, I’m aging rapidly.

I’ve also basically finalized the rest of my travel for 2015. For spring break in March, I’m headed to Chicago to see Vin and Steph for our annual Girls’ Weekend, then I’ll go from Chicago to Nashville to see Chad, Maegan, and the kiddos! That’ll be especially fun since I’ve never been to Nashville. Then, in May, Robert invited me to be his plus one to Janice’s Aspen wedding! So I’ll get to spend time with Dennis and David as well. 🙂 In June/July, I’ll head out to Amsterdam and Switzerland to spend time with my brother and Katie and Colin! And in August, Steph will be getting married in Tahoe, and then Elizabeth gets married in October in Pittsburgh! Phew. That’s a lot of travel to wrap my mind around.

Best burn I’ve handed out as of late:
Carolyn: “I was so annoyed today.”
Me: “Why? Did you spend too much time with yourself?”
Carolyn: <side eye, then rueful smile as she registered my burn>

No music was listened to as I wrote this post, but I am really enjoying Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking of You” lately. It has some elements that remind me of Mr. Big’s “To Be With You” which is obviously a good thing.

Ron turned 60 the other day and his staff celebrated with a surprise party. I was very amused to see how they used this old picture of him in his Tae Kwon Do days for the cake. I always say that the old pictures that amuse me the most of Ron are the ones where he’s sportin’ a ‘stache.
On Katie’s first night back, Ranger Mike utilized the awesome new firepit at Camp McGee. I wonder if we’ve ever told Colin that story…
Katie and Jeb’s joyous reunion at Baby Barnaby’s. They’re quite good at fake laughing. This picture was mostly taken for the purposes of sending to Colin to incite jealousy/hysterical sobbing.

*Chad Michael Murray is how he’s more commonly known, but as a result of the Gilmore Guys podcast, he will now forever be Chad Michael Mudface to me.


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