Master Reader

I am a MASTER READER. Or maybe I’m just super excited because I finished not one, but TWO books since the last book! Granted, one was kinda fluffy, but still.

Outlander is all finished! Now, I’m going to start watching what has aired so far of the first season on Starz. Perhaps I’ll just try and do no more than 1 episode per day… We’ll see how that goes. I’m quite the binge watcher. I did really enjoy the book after I got used to the way the characters speak. AND, I didn’t know this before, but and Kindle are partnered, so if you’re reading a book and then you switch to the audio book, or vice versa, IT SYNCS TO THE LAST READ/HEARD SPOT. I was UBER amazed by this convenience and it definitely helped me stay into the book and finish it a little faster than I might’ve normally. So yes, perhaps after the whole first season of Outlander has aired, I will read the next book in the series: Dragonfly in Amber. (And hopefully it will be my turn in the library queue around the same time – I’m currently #58 for 6 copies.)

After two long reads, I decided to take a break with Sisterhood Everlasting, by Ann Brashares, the most recent of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. As expected, it was an easy, breezy read. I liked it well enough and in the afterwords, Brashares talks about perhaps writing another Sisterhood book in a few years. I think I’d be especially interested in that book because I felt like this book really tied things off very neatly.

Now, onto a book I’ve been trying (and failing) to tackle for years: The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon. Katie has read it and loved it, as have many others (Alex and Sid, to name just a few), but every time I pick it up, I never quite get to the tipping point where I tear through the rest of the book. I know I’m not alone in this because Nathalie and I have commiserated on this problem we both have with the book. Nonetheless, it WILL get finished this time around! I start the book at 19%, since that’s where I last left off.

Also, I’m adding the Amazon produced show, Transparent to my list of shows to watch. I just conned Colin out of his Prime password, so I’ll be able to start that soon!

Anyway, way to bury the lead, because there is something else exciting in the works – I’ve put in an offer on a place and it was accepted!! Currently the loan papers have all been turned in and the bank is working on the process of approving the loan. We’ve done the inspection, and there were only a few minor things (the AC and some minor plumbing issues) that need to be addressed, so we’ve gotten through that hurdle! Closing date is March 6, which is just a few days after my birthday. I’m going to feel so adult this year. For my birthday, I’m getting myself a mortgage! Whoo!…? I’m trying not to get TOO invested before the closing since there are always things that can go wrong. My main way of not getting too invested is to not start pinning, bookmarking, and otherwise specifically searching out design ideas and making any physical plans (like drawing floor plans, etc.) until after the closing. I can do all the daydreaming I want, since there’s no way I’d be able to stop myself from that, but nothing concrete. I can’t wait to start documenting some of my ideas here (after I close)!

This is the back of my new front door! I really love the bones of this place. I have so many ideas in my head about how to make it AWESOME. Please ignore the awful franken-light switch right next to the front door. That will be removed ASAP. Also, it’s important to note that this place is only 0.6 miles away from Baby Barnaby’s! Migas for everyone!

In other news, the Manhattan condo is finally gaining some traction as well. To be honest, my patient brother was waiting for me to fill out some paperwork that I was heavily procrastinating on, and with all the paperwork required for the Houston condo, I figured it was time to put together the paperwork for the Manhattan condo. It feels a little crazy that all this is happening (seemingly) all at once!

I got some awesome pictures and texts from Joan today about Jack. Here he is playing with the present I got him from Christmas. Joan’s caption: “I love my Xmas present. Thanks Aunt Liv”
The accompanying text from Joan: “I will hunt u a squirrel, does Mr. Ip cook squirrel?”
I’m not going to lie. If this pair of shorts hadn’t been a size 2 and $699.95 (with another 40% off and then an additional 20% off, so final price would’ve still been $335.98 plus tax), I might’ve seriously considered getting them. They were the epitome of crazy sparkle awesome formal shorts. Perhaps had they been +/- my size (I would’ve been willing to size up or down if it could still fit) and maybe… $50? I think that’s the max I could’ve justified paying for them. And only because they were some QUALITY sparkle formal shorts. QUALITY people. It’s all about quality.
I went to hang out with the Wongs after I didn’t buy the crazy sparkle shorts. Jack Wong is super adorable! Here he is picking out all the mac and cheese and leaving the broccoli behind. He will totally share and give you some mac and cheese if you ask nicely.
I’ve also been trying to be better about watching some movies and not just binging TV shows. When this movie came up on my Netflix, I read the synopsis and thought, “SOLD.” If Speedy’s there, I’m there. Shockingly, it was not great. My main beef with this movie was that it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be. Quirky and fun? Deep and introspective? It wanted to be all of the above, but didn’t mesh any of it well so it just felt super disjointed… However, Speedy looks great in it and it wasn’t the worst way to spend an hour and a half. I ended up giving it 3 stars, though if Netflix had allowed, I would’ve given it 2.5 stars. I rounded up for Speedy. If there was no Speedy? Probably would’ve been 2 stars. 😦

Book progress: 19%

Playlist: none – did this post sans music


2 thoughts on “Master Reader

  1. kt4ranger January 27, 2015 / 6:43 am

    Have you ever thought that maybe you’re just at a YA reading level while Alex, Sid and I are on a Pulitzer reading level? Jk… The three of us are just being pretentious. But seriously… That book is good Liv. If I can read a children’s book in French, you can read an award-winning novel in English. Gauntlet thrown!


    • liviaip January 27, 2015 / 3:15 pm

      That is entirely possible. But I will prevail this time!


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