A delayed Day 2

I am really enjoying the book so far! It always takes me a little while to get readjusted to the feel of a nonfiction book, but man, this guy had a compelling life… Onto my less compelling life…

Yesterday was my first day on the slopes in YEARS. Lee, Scott, Glen, Audrey and I went down lots of fun runs (mostly blues!) in the morning. Not gonna lie, I don’t know that my need to control things can take the speed and steepness of the blues. I had to pizza pie (point the tips of my skis together in order to go slower) the majority of my way down which was super hard on my legs. But, I escaped the blues without any crashes!

Hoping I don’t crash!

We met Mrs. Sharrock at the Viking Yurt for lunch. The Viking Yurt was this tiny hut that looked more like a shack where ski instructors might take a break. Due to its tininess, we all missed it the first time (and for some the second time) we tried to get there, but we all eventually congregated for lunch there. But, inside, it was adorable.

Inside the Viking Yurt!

After lunch, I teamed up with Mrs. Sharrock and did mostly greens after lunch. Now, those were fun. I could go fast enough, but not so fast that I worried about my ability to stop before face planting into some trees. We had some great runs before heading back to Town Lift. Unfortunately, there was a small blue run on the way back to Town Lift. I’m not gonna lie, I can’t believe I made it down without crashing. Mrs. Sharrock wasn’t quite so lucky, but there were two nice men who helped her make her way down back to where I was. Luckily, she was fine, with just a few bumps and a bruises.

Waiting for Mrs. Sharrock at the end of the last run – before I knew that she’d crashed – I’m happy here because I didn’t crash all day!

I rushed back to the condo to meet up with Lee, Matt, and Traci to go tubing! Now, THAT was super fun. If you imagine those water slides that you ride down on inner tubes (the kind of slides that go up and down), it was like that, but the slides were made of snow. SO FUN. We did quite a few rides, the best, in my opinion, being the ones where we all held on to each other’s tubes and went down the track together.

At the top of the tubing!
On the tube lift – Lee and Matt were like small children, throwing snowballs at each other on the way up.
At the bottom of the tube run!

The whole clan headed out for dinner at Buona Vita in town and then afterwards, Lee, Scott, Glen, Audrey, and I headed out to find some bars. We got soundly rejected from the first bar because of an expired ID, but we were able to get into two more after the first. We ended up meeting Mr. and Mrs. Sharrock at the downstairs of Cisero’s where we had a great time and met a fun bartender, Jessica, who was one of the highlights of the night. Lee downed many a drink and thought he’d lost his phone when we arrived home. Of course, it ended up being under some pillows when he awoke the next morning.

Dinner togetherness at Buona Vita
“Sexy x 5” – Scott’s group text to the whole group of us

An important post script to Day 1 – I taught the Sharrocks how to play Celebrity. I texted Robert about this and got the response: “They didn’t know celebrity? That’s like an act of public service teaching them”. The Sharrocks get extremely competitive and loud when game playing, and it’s hilarious to see them do the Charades round. My two favorite Charades moments came from Mrs. Sharrocks’s Stephen Hawking and Mr. Sharrock’s Tom Cruise. For the one word round, Mother Teresa was reduced to “maid” by Lee, and Henry Kissinger was reduced to “tongues” by… me, I think. Maybe as good as Margaret Thatcher being a scientist? This game’s Ban Ki-moon was Lew Alcindor (put in by Mr. Sharrock, it’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s birth name).

Post script 2 re: Day 1 – Traci had wanted to do yoga, and Audrey and I had planned on going, and then we managed to convince Lee and Scott to join. VERY amusing to watch those boys do yoga.

Book Progress: 5 chapters down! Onto Part II! I also joined Goodreads’ 2015 Book Challenge and entered 52 books… We’ll see…

Today’s Playlist
John Legend – Tomorrow
Gavin DeGraw – Waterfall
Greg Laswell – This Woman’s Work
Kristin Chenoweth – Alone
Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow
Coldplay – Always in My Head
George Strait – Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?
The Book of Mormon Original Cast – Two by Two


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