Master Reader

I am a MASTER READER. Or maybe I’m just super excited because I finished not one, but TWO books since the last book! Granted, one was kinda fluffy, but still.

Outlander is all finished! Now, I’m going to start watching what has aired so far of the first season on Starz. Perhaps I’ll just try and do no more than 1 episode per day… We’ll see how that goes. I’m quite the binge watcher. I did really enjoy the book after I got used to the way the characters speak. AND, I didn’t know this before, but and Kindle are partnered, so if you’re reading a book and then you switch to the audio book, or vice versa, IT SYNCS TO THE LAST READ/HEARD SPOT. I was UBER amazed by this convenience and it definitely helped me stay into the book and finish it a little faster than I might’ve normally. So yes, perhaps after the whole first season of Outlander has aired, I will read the next book in the series: Dragonfly in Amber. (And hopefully it will be my turn in the library queue around the same time – I’m currently #58 for 6 copies.)

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Resetting expectations…


Well, clearly everyday was a complete joke. Now, more than ever, I’m quite impressed with the various blogs I follow that post quality content daily. I’m shocked that they have time for it. Especially some of them that have jobs and children.

So, I’m thinking at minimum, I’ll try to do this weekly. Maybe even twice a week if I get crazy.

Moving on… I finished book 1 of my 52 book challenge! Huzzah! Unbroken was pretty riveting once I reached the halfway point. I ended up finishing it Sunday (Monday?) at 4:00 am. That kind of binge reading definitely screwed with my productivity the next day (well… the next 2 days really), but it was worth it! Both for the book and the act of finishing book 1 of the challenge. 🙂

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A delayed Day 2

I am really enjoying the book so far! It always takes me a little while to get readjusted to the feel of a nonfiction book, but man, this guy had a compelling life… Onto my less compelling life…

Yesterday was my first day on the slopes in YEARS. Lee, Scott, Glen, Audrey and I went down lots of fun runs (mostly blues!) in the morning. Not gonna lie, I don’t know that my need to control things can take the speed and steepness of the blues. I had to pizza pie (point the tips of my skis together in order to go slower) the majority of my way down which was super hard on my legs. But, I escaped the blues without any crashes!

Hoping I don’t crash!

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Resolution: Read one book per week

Tea, check. Computer, check. Book, check.
Tea, check. Computer, check. Book, check.

So, Robert asked me the other day what my New Year’s resolution was this year. I didn’t have any real answer for him, but I thought about it a little and realized that Di had asked me the same question a few days prior. I had told Di that making my resolution about reading appealed to me. I don’t really read much anymore, mostly because there’s nothing pushing me to do it. And it’s so much easier to just push play on that next episode of Gilmore Girls. Anyway, while talking to Robert, a plan crystalized in my mind: attempt to read one book per week. (Although, since I’m not really talking into account lengths of various books and easier reads vs. more difficult reads, this will turn out to be an average.) Continue reading